defense and plaintiff clients have said these things regarding our services.




Case: Patents & Intellectual Property.

“Jerry Hietpas worked with me on a complicated intellectual property case.  He was conscientious and knowledgeable, and an asset in bringing this case to a successful conclusion.”

William W. Stagg, Esq.

Tiffany Babineaux, Esq.

Durio, McGoffin, Staff & Ackermann

Lafayette, LA

(337) 233-0300


Case: Patents & Intellectual Property, deep-water drill casing handling tool design.

“It has been extremely important for me to have used the services or Mr. Hietpas in a three year long court battle which was just concluded in my favor. The plaintiff made numerous fraudulent allegations against me regarding engineering practices and conduct that were difficult to explain to a jury lacking in engineering expertise or background.  Mr. Hietpas was able to explain all in concise terms, to the jury what the actual truth was.”


“In interviews with the jury members after the trial, they all referred to Mr. Hietpas as the star witness of the trial. Should a similar situation ever arise again, I would employ Mr. Hietpas without hesitation.”

Mr. David L. Sipos, President

Vermilion River Tool & Equipment Co., Inc.

Lafayette, LA


Case: Timber shipment tumbled onto wood preservative operator.

“Your calculations for the stiffness of those timbers rendered the professor’s opinion mute.”

Robert Spitkovsky. Jr., Esq.

Johnson & Bell Attorneys at Law

Chicago, IL.

(312) 372-0770


Case: Operator in plywood conditioner burned.

“The explanation in your report of the roles of each party, and understanding of plywood operations, was a big help in the settlement.”

Elizabeth A. Semler, Esq.

George M. McKallip, Esq.

Sussman Shank, LLP

Portland, OR

(503) 227-1111


Case: Refinery Explosion.

"Your Associate's understanding of the operation of the refinery pressure relief and flare system and my clients responsibilities in the issues lead to my client being released from the case."

Tommy Yearout, Esq.

Yearout, Spina & Levelle

Birmingham, AL

(205) 298-1800  


Case: Hand injury in sheeting bake line.

“We want you again for helping us settle another accident on a pie crust manufacturing line.”

James L. Ray. Esq.

Daw & Ray, PC

Houston, TX

(713) 266-3121




Case: Contractor burned by hot ash.

“What at first seemed to me to be an obscure assertion about water infiltration through the cladding and into the insulation of the electrostatic precipitator, turned out to be the straw that drove them toward settlement. Perhaps they feared exposure on their other precipitators.”

Peter C. Ensign, Esq.

Ensign Title & Escrow

Chattanooga, TN

(423) 510-0410


Case: Daubert challenge

“Thanks for the overnight response to their motion in lemme, we settled, so no trial - and send your final invoice.”

Ted Deacon, Esq.

Wilcoxen, Callahan, Montgomery & Deacon

Sacramento, CA

(916) 442-2777


Case: Faulty seal on banding of shafting.

“Your notes to me during the defendants deposition let me nail him right then.”

Will Ferguson, Esq.

Will Ferguson & Associates Attorneys at Law

Albuquerque, NM

(505) 243-5566 


Case: An operator’s hand cut off in woodworking equipment.

“That model your shop built of the finger joint edger was persuasive with your presentation to substantiate your opinion. Can you regularly supply models at that price?”

Gary Callahan, Esq.

Wilcox, Callahan, Montgomery & Deacon

Sacramento, CA

(916) 442-2777


Case: Natural gas explosion.

“You tripped that utility inspector’s story up with your understanding of the equipment and incite into their operational records.”

Craig Johnston, Esq.

Johnston & Miller

Lubbock, TX

(806) 785-1499


Case: Accident at a food warehouse facility.

“I want you on another case we have.”

Brook Millard, Esq.

Wrona Law Office, P.C.

Draper, UT

(801) 676-5252


Case: Packaging accident.

“They settled. Their explanation just would not stand up to your simple logical explanation.”

Jay A. Pucheu, Esq.

Jay A. Pucheu, Attorney at Law

Marksville, LA

(318) 253-5080


Case: Dumpster accident.

“Again, I want to thank you for agreeing to assist us in the captioned matter. As a recap, you reviewed numerous documents and depositions that we sent you, came to Tennessee and conducted an on-site inspection of the accident scene, sat for a lengthy deposition, returned to Tennessee for testimony at trial before a 12 person jury, and underwent for over an hour direct examination and vigorous cross-examination by the defendant’s attorney.  Throughout this time you always conducted yourself in a very professional and competent manner, and without hesitation, I am able to recommend you to anyone as an Expert Witness in the field in which you are qualified.  I think your age and experience, as well as your demeanor, boast your credibility while testifying. And again, I appreciate your assistance.

Ben Boston, Esq.

Boston, Holt & Sockwell, PLLC

Lawrenceville, TN

(931) 762-7167


Case: Sawmill accident.

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