Over the years, developing a successful Expert Witness service has motivated us at Causey Engineering. Through a series of events, including a Peace Corp stint by my daughter, I was lead to look at Africa – Uganda, specifically – one of the poorest and least educated nations in the world --- but part of the developing east Africa bloc.


The small non-profit 501c3 foundation we chose to support is called “Connect Africa”, founded by Lynn S. Auerbach, Ph.D., which provides assistance in education and enrichment to the children and women in a community in Uganda. It provides mini-loans to help start small businesses.


It was suggested that I sponsor a street kid, a 6th grade boy.  Over the years we exchanged emails when he could use the Internet. He excelled in grade school, High School, and gained admittance into their best law school, Uganda Christian University in Mukono.


In 2012 we made a trip to Uganda to meet him, and others like him, and saw first hand what we have been supporting.  It is so rewarding to see that we made a first-hand impact on the life of this future leader there – who one day soon may be looking for a Forensic Engineer.


Below are some photos of our trip and links to the Connect Africa foundation. 




Rita and Jerry Hietpas meet Bangi.














The kids in the Connect Africa program are the best and brightest, and curious.












The children are supported in going to a good school somewhere in or near the large capital city of Kampala. 













Connect Africa sponsored students with Jerry, Bangi, Rita and Dr. Auerbach visiting Bangi’s law school.















Library at Uganda Christian University














We helped Lynn schlepp boxes of school supplies and blankets to this boarding school where Connect Africa brought several students.












Village women from the enrichment program brought us gifts, and then we partied.
















Click here to read about the Community Center









 Click here to view Connect Africa Foundation, Inc. brochure










Click on the links below for more information:


Thank you Letter from Bangi and 

Plea to help build a local library


Resume of Dr. Lynn S. Auerbach


Connect Africa video http://connect-africa.org/ca-video/


Connect Africa website http://connect-africa.org/



Fund Raiser Events:


We would be glad to organize fund raiser events in your community. Lynn will put on an interesting show with slides from Africa. Her group develops youth from a part of Uganda to become leaders who will lead these fine folks to work their way out of poverty. Every dollar goes a long way, you can follow how they use it, and donations are tax deductable.  Or, you can send a check directly to :

        Connect Africa Foundation
        222 Pleasant Street
        Newton Center, MA 02459



         Phone :USA 617.332.4476
       Uganda 011 256 782 396793