Railroads are a specialty for which there are only a few engineers in the nation who are qualified by education, knowledge, and experience. Causey Engineering has one. And railroads are an industry unto themselves, as well as railroads go into most every industrial plant. Accordingly, most Causey Experts have some railroad experience, and we are best suited to railroad situations that involve plant incidents, as opposed to out along the rail somewhere.  Causey’s extensive knowledge and experience in the Railroad industry is available now in a person trained in Forensic Engineering work to support your case.

The pictures below represent some of the specific types of work in this industry.


Railroads are a specialty that has a unique and well-developed set of regulations and standards.




Cars and crossings:

There is tradition and regulation in the railroad industry.  But it also changes.  Shipping containers nowadays are sometimes stacked two high in special low-slung cars.  And no caboose.




Tracks and Switches:





Track Construction and Maintenance:





 Maintenance and construction of tracks, crossings and overpasses requires specialized equipment, and a body of knowledge known only to those who worked in that industry.