Petro-Chem plants occupy a special niche in the continuum of process plants. Parts of the plant might involve special high pressures for example. But this phenomenon is not only found in Petro-Chem.  A decaffeinating of coffee involves high pressure of 60,000 psi also. 


The majority of the Petro-Chem equipment consists of ordinary industrial vessels, tanks, pumps, pipes, valves, and heat exchangers. Typical feedstocks are crude oil derivatives or natural gas. And typical products are polyethylene, propylene glycol, vinyl chloride, and ethylene dichloride. 


Because of the wide array of Petro-Chem products, any one Expert will be limited to but a few of these. So while many of the processes are unique, most of the equipment and processes are similar or identical to other industries where Causey also has expertise.


The pictures below represent some of the specific types of work and processes in this industry.





Plants handling liquids or gases have tanks, pipes, ducts, pumps, blowers, valves, sensors, heat exchangers, and computerized controls.






Many people and many firms have devoted themselves from the beginning of the industrial revolution to improving some aspects of one or a few industries.  Now, for ever industry, there is a large body of knowledge known only to those who worked in that industry.