Packaging is a specialty common  to several of the industries that Causey Engineering serves.  There are many ways to package liquids, gases, chemicals, granular material and solids.   Packages can be of plastic, glass, metal, paperboard, special paper, and wood.  Different products have different packaging needs.  Whereas food may be packaged to remain fresh, as well as provide attractive advertising, lumber is generally banded for ease of handling.

In some cases packaging issues tie in with warehousing, load securement and transportation. Causey’s extensive knowledge and experience in these industries is available now through trained Forensic Engineers who can work with you on your case.

The pictures below represent some specific types of packaging.

Consumer Packaging:


There are many different paper products.  Some require whiteness, some printability, some strength, some stiffness, some flexibility.  Paper is a complicated commodity.




Metal, plastic, glass and even coated paper are used to package liquids.



Industrial Packaging:


Lumber ready for warehousing or transportation.