OIL Refineries:


Causey Engineering has several experts with education, knowledge and experience in Oil Refineries. The refining expertise stems from their engineering and technical work as employees in refineries - with a strong background in inspection and safety. One of our experts is on a faculty for teaching API and related codes.

The pictures below represent some of the specific facilities in this industry.

Plants handling liquids or gases often have tanks, pipes, ducts, pumps, blowers, valves, sensors, heat exchangers, computerized controls and reporting systems. 




Plants handling liquids and gas need suitable metallurgy and plastics to withstand corrosion, pressure, temperature and abuse.







Tanks, pumps and pipes abound in a refinery.  A Distributed Control System measures and displays data to a distant operator who remotely turns motors on and off, opens and closes valves, and changes set points for the process.

Form follows function in any industry, i.e. the design must be tailored to the need for a particular product or process.





When pumping gasoline, ever think about the millions of years it took for the crude oil to develop deep down in the earth, so it could be retrieved, refined, and put into your car?