Causey Engineering has compiled a list of helpful links to pertinent information used in our Expert Witness profession: The easy to use site to find an attorney. The Leading Internet Legal Site for Consumers and Small Businesses.  OSHA main website.  Department of Labor (DOL) main website.  Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) main website.  Daubert Challenge and related case details.

"A Lawyer's Guide to Hiring a Forensic Industrial Engineer" by Gerald J. Hietpas, PE.    A comprehensive whitepaper on selecting the most credible and compelling support (2005).  Published November, 2007 in "LexisNexis Mealy's Product Liability & Risk Newsletter".

Connect Africa Foundation: website has information about the foundation which was founded by Lynn S. Auerbach, Ph.D. in 2005.

Resume of Dr. Lynn S. Auerbach

Booklet of Connect Africa Accomplishments

Connect Africa Brochure