Causey Engineering has two Foresters. By its nature, forestry and logging is indigenous to the forest locale. The specie, terrain, weather (even on a micro basis) and equipment all come into play.  The Gulf Coast yellow pine, the next band north of hardwood, the upper midwest and eastern soft wood and hardwood, and the west coast softwood are major divisions of wood baskets in the states. And this variation limits Causey as to which cases we are qualified to work on---no two experts can fit all locales. But our foresters have worked in several places in the states and overseas, and have an overall perspective.  This high degree of Forestry and Logging knowledge is available now in a person trained in Forensic Engineering work to support your case.

The pictures below represent some of the specific types of work and processes in this industry.

Wood specie greatly affects what a tree is suited for.  Where trees grow nationally, and even on which side of a mountain range they grow, all affect what wood products they are best suited for.




To manufacture green rough lumber from logs, logs are cut to length, debarked, cut for two faces, edged on both sides, graded and trimmed for length - and then sorted by grade and size.