Three of the Causey staff are Registered Professional Engineers who have Project Management Experience, and have been in responsible charge of industrial design projects. They have worked for several firms, including the largest in the nation. To perform this function, they have had to be informed on all aspects of their project to the extent that they sealed the drawings for the client. They need the background to sit down with the owners of the plants to work out the new technology, as well as provide for the operations and maintenance of the new plant. And the drawings and specifications had to be doable for construction, and meet scope, budget and schedule. They had to have a working knowledge of the applicable codes and regulations. This high degree of industrial knowledge is available now by a person trained in Forensic Engineering to support your case.

Modeling is another area where we can provide expertise by generating exhibits and models pertinent to a specific industry.

The pictures below represent some of the specific types of work and processes of a Forensic Engineer.

Project Planning and Research:

Engineering Office 1

There is a usual sequence for developing the documents when designing a process plant.  Flow Sheet, Priced Equipment List, General Arrangement, Process Description, and a Factored Estimate are the first sets of documents produced.



A breakdown in documentation of decisions and communication is the foremost cause of projects not meeting scope, budget or schedule.  Safety is part of planning the work.



An industrial engineer learns from his lifetime of work, networking, and from  good mentors.




When one is familiar with an industry, there is an unconscious expectation of how it should operate.  The usual does not trigger a reaction, but the unusual does.  Much like looking at new pick-ups - if one had a Porsche emblem on it, that would trigger a reaction.  But you need to first know pickups to be alerted.



Modeling and Graphics:              

  Oftentimes, a simple model clarifies and influences.











Sometimes graphics are needed to depict motion and movement.