Food Industry/Details                                                                    


Causey Engineering has four graduate engineering experts with a combined total of 74 years working in many aspects of the Food Manufacturing Industry. They have worked for major food-manufacturing firms and have experience in plant operations, maintenance, engineering, quality and development. They have an industry wide perspective, and have interfaced with the Food and Drug Administration.

They have in depth knowledge of the required sanitation, harboring of pathogens, processes, packing, packaging and shipping standards and regulations.  This high degree of industrial knowledge is available now by a Causey Associate trained in Forensic Engineering.

The pictures below represent some of the specific types of work and processes in this industry.

Bake Line:

Dough is fed in, formed, baked, and pie crusts come out the end of the line.

Like most all conveyor systems, there are “nip points” that present a hazard.  The equipment manufacturer may have tried to eliminate the hazard, but depending on how the line is operated, or unjammed, or cleaned, sometimes the hazard may still exist.  Training and Job Hazard Analysis by workers and management is part of an effective Safety Program.                                                              

Fry Line:



Operator Control Panel.




Control Components.




Chain and sprocket drives with guard removed for maintenance. Lockout. A person working on equipment like this needs to “Lockout”.


A Fry Line Pump and Pipe System: