Facts You Should Know


Causey Engineering recommends that hiring an Expert Witness early in a case, with specific industrial experience, you will gain valuable insight about the circumstances regardless of which side you represent. You will know:

1.  What and where poignant plant or supplier documents should exist.

2.  What to look for and request to see during a site inspection.

3.  What is inside the plant, including processes and equipment.

4.  How to interpret data, and spot misinterpretation.

5.  Who to depose, what to ask, and where to probe.

6.  How they operate, and how their competition operates.

7.  What other safeguards were available, but missing.

8.  When a Model can demonstrate the circumstances better than words.


A Causey Engineering Expert Witness, trained in Forensic and Investigative Services, can present case circumstances and specific industry standards and regulations, by combining them into an understandable portrait of the case that will withstand a Daubert Challenge.

Causey opinions will pass the 9 tests for admissibility in the Milanowicz vs. The Raymond Corp., 148F Supp. 2nd 525 (D.C. N.J. 2001) case.   For more details, click on this link: http://www.gorbyreeves.com/pdf/Standard-KnowDaubert.pdf


Often, show and tell is much more effective than words. Models can be persuasive. Accordingly, Causey Engineering can design and build relatively inexpensive machine models or components. Historically, medical litigation has had more experience with models. Industrial modeling is considerably simpler and inexpensive compared to medical models. Our extensive experience in modeling frequently results in settlements during Mediation and Deposition.

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