Causey Engineering has four graduate engineers with Industrial Construction Expertise that have worked on projects more than 20 years in the design, equipment procurement, and construction of Industrial Plants. Causey does not do roads, bridges, commercial and residential construction. Their experience includes industrial project management, contracts, subcontracting, machinery, scheduling and cost control, quality, safety, MSDS and claims analysis. They have administered OSHA Title 29, Part 1926 dealing with safety and health regulations for construction. We know what documentation should exist, and who has it.  Therefore, Causey Associates are uniquely qualified for investigations, consulting and expert witness services in Industrial Construction.


The pictures below represent some of the specific types of work and processes in this industry.


On a well managed project, the start of construction may appear as haphazard, but as soon as the trailer's are set up, the skilled planners and superintendents move to the job site.






Foundation design and construction has become more sophisticated to avoid vibration of high speed equipment.










While the underground and foundation field work progresses, many manufacturers around the world are building the equipment.



















Form follows function.  An industrial building is made to suit the equipment, and the flow of material.








This is structural welding.  Pipe welding is a different expertise, particularly titanium.







After the machinery is set, the pipe, electrical ductwork, fire protection and building is completed.








 There are only a few firms with the knowledge, experience and qualifications to do a turnkey large tank design and on-site fabrication..