Chemical Plants/Details                                                                 


Causey Engineering has three graduate engineers with Chemical Plant Expertise that have at least a bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering. Each has more than 20 years of industry experience in chemical plants, including design, technical, operations, and safety in several situations, and is familiar with MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) HAZOP, OSHA, and maintenance. Through this hands-on experience, we have gained valuable insight into the standards and regulations in the Chemical Plant industry, and know what documentation should exist, and who has it.  Therefore, we are uniquely qualified for investigations, consulting and expert witness services in Industrial Chemicals.

The pictures below represent some of the specific types of equipment and processes in this industry.

Materials handled in the chemical industries are mostly in the liquid or gaseous state.

Plants handling liquids and gas need suitable metallurgy and plastics to withstand corrosion, pressure, temperature and abuse. 


The HAZOP procedure can help identify potential safety hazards.  But it still requires experienced people from engineering, plant operations and safety to spot the hazard, and eliminate or mitigate it.



Chemical plant is a broad brush term, and can apply to a number of specific process industries mentioned elsewhere on the web site. They all have some things in common, such as the process variables of time, temperature and pressure for completion of unique chemical reactions.

They share much equipment such as tanks, mixers, heat exchangers,  pumps, pipes, valves, and instrumentation. They have unique equipment as well, such as reactors and separators.  





Safety, operations, maintenance, design and construction issues and standards are often similar for all process plants. Causey’s breadth and depth of process industries is available for you on your case, as an expert trained in Expert Witnessing.