Causey Engineering experts are professional people with hands-on industrial and construction, office and field experience. These professionals have designed, built and operated industrial plants and became the corporate in-plant experts, holding responsible positions including engineering, operations, and safety administration.

When new Experts become associated with Causey Engineering LLC, they are trained and mentored by Causey, in accordance with the highest standards of the Expert Witnessing profession. They learn the process and requirements to apply their knowledge and assist their plaintiff or defense client.

EXPERTS:     (click on name to read CV)

Gerald J. Hietpas, BSME, MBA, PE - President

Douglas E. Bell, BSME, PE

Robert H. Bruckmann, BSChE, MSChE, CQE

Diane Brumley, BSChE

Robert T. (Tommy) Deiss, BS, PE, Petroleum Engineering

Armenag H. Dekmezian, BSCh, MSCh, PhDCh

John B. Gordon, BSEE, MSE, PE

Marc McConnell, BSChE, PE, Environmental Science

Nathan M. McMahon, BSME, FE, EIT

Douglas E. Miles, BSME

Wesley R. Moore, BS, Petroleum Engineering

David L. Peterson, BSEE, MBA

Steven R. Ryzner, BSEE, MBA

Jerry V. Schmeil, BSCE

Donald N. Schulz, BA, PhD Organic Chemistry

Barbara A. Trenary, BS, CIH Industrial Hygiene

Joseph P. Vosters, BSME, MBA, PE

Barry D. Zubke, BSEE, MBA, CQE

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