The following list of articles has been published by Causey Engineering associates:

"A Lawyer's Guide to Hiring a Forensic Industrial Engineer" by Gerald J. Hietpas, PE.    A comprehensive whitepaper on selecting the most credible and compelling support (2005).  Published November, 2007 in "LexisNexis Mealy's Product Liability & Risk Newsletter".

"Forensic Engineering Testimony in an Oil & Gas Patent Case" by Gerald J. Hietpas, PE. Presented at the NAFE seminar, January 2009 in Austin, TX. Published in the "NAFE Journal", June 2009.

"Connecting on a Safe Attitude" by Gerald J. Hietpas, PE. An introspective view of the  employer's attitude toward safety. Published October, 2011 in ASSE's "The Compass" Newsletter.

"Reader Makes Water Policy Suggestions for Highland Lakes Area" by Gerald J. Hietpas, PE. "ViewPoints" letter to the Editor, Published January, 2011 in the "Lake Travis View" Newspaper.

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