Areas of Expertise   

Through the combined experience of our Associates, Causey Engineering   specializes in a discrete number of heavy industries where we can truly say "we have been there and done that".

Often a plant can be categorized as a process plant, or as a material handling plant, or both. One process industry is somewhat like the others, and one material handling type industry is somewhat like the others, with distinctions. With that caveat, there are similarities in the work that the workers do. Supervision, staff, and office procedures from one heavy industry to another have commonalities. Generally the same craft trades are present in each industry.  The machine and tool operators function in somewhat the same modus operandi. And the utility systems can be similar. 

Sameness between heavy industries is also apparent in the purchased standard hardware components. Examples are steel shafting, structural steel, alloys, cylinders, actuators, bearings, fasteners, transmission components, pipe, valves, conveyors, motors, engines, and hydraulics.  

The point is that there is often good reason to draw from knowledge of several industries to formulate a strategy in litigation. We at Causey combine the written word related to machinery, as well as the knowledge acquired with years of experience in designing, purchasing & selling, use, and maintenance of machinery and tools. Causey has a unique service we can provide to litigation related to heavy industry.