AGA Member of the American Gas Association. Chairman of pipeline section of Rate Committee

AIChE Member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers 

AMSE Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers

API Member of the American Petroleum Institute (Committee on Safety and Fire Protection)

ASSE Member of the American Society of Safety Engineers

ASTM Member of the American Society for Testing and Materials. Member of the Forensic Sciences Committee.

COFI Member of the Council of Forest Industry

ICC International Code Congress, Member of the Southern Building Code Congress

INGAA Interstate Natural Gas Association of America. Chairman of Rate and Policy Committee

IPU Institute of Public Utilities. Member of the Advisory Board     

MAE Member of The Academy of Experts (UK)

NAFE National Academy of Forensic Engineers, Affiliate

NAFE National Academy of Forensic Engineers, Fellow

Natural Gas Magazine Editorial Advisory Board

NSPE Member of the National Society of Professional Engineers

PE Professional Engineer Registered in California, Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia, Illinois, Louisiana, Alabama, Idaho and Washington. Registered with the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying

SAF Member of the Society of American Foresters

TAPPI Member of the Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Industry employees. Served in various leadership positions at the local and national levels.

TSPE Member of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers

USFS United States Forest Service, Committee on Wood Utilization & Recycling

WWPA Western Wood Products Association, Grade Rule Committee