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Causey Engineering, LLC

Gerald J. Hietpas, PE, President

Address:    P.O. Box 341057-0018

                 Austin, TX  78734

Office:       (512) 261-3930

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Cell:          (512) 589-6746

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Causey Engineering has been providing Expert Witness, Forensic Engineering, Consulting, Investigation, and Litigation Support services NATIONWIDE since 1983 for civil and intellectual property litigation. We specialize in Utility, Industrial and Construction Cases, to either plaintiff or defense council – where we have in-depth expertise.

Our experts are professionals with engineering, operational, and management experience in their specialized industry.

Our firm purposefully restricts itself to heavy industries and related construction:

Many patents, regulations and standards that apply to industrial cases are developed by and for a specific industry. A comprehensive understanding of the specific industry is essential in order to block assertions from a hired generalist.

A trained Causey Engineering Expert Witness can present the facts, along with specific industry standards and regulations for civil and patent litigation, by combining them into an understandable portrait of the case – that will withstand a Daubert Challenge.

Also, Causey’s knowledge of industrial organizations give us insight to assist our clients in developing a notification for a Rule 30(b)(6) deposition, which several states have also adopted.

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